Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do You Love Your Work?

Someone has said, “If you love what you do, you’ll never go to work another day in your life.” But in reality every job – no matter how perfect – includes elements of drudgery and tedium. You may love what you do, but might not always like it.

The key, however, is in loving what you do. Too many people – a vast majority, according to some studies – dislike their work, even detest it, but do it anyway to pay the bills. To them, “necessary evil” and “work” are synonymous.

Having work that involves doing what you enjoy and what you are good at doing makes the difference between starting morning with a cheery “Good morning, Lord!”, or a grouchy “Good Lord, morning!”

I’m among those fortunate that discover early on what we love to do and have the opportunity to turn it into a vocation. Actually, as most professional writers will concur, I hate to write – but love to have written. The challenge of gathering information and then presenting it in meaningful, enjoyable writing stirs my creative juices daily.

By the same token, long ago I realized I don’t like repairing cars, fixing toilets, crunching numbers or selling encyclopedias. So I steadfastly avoid work in any of those areas. It’s as important to realize what you’re not good at and what you don’t like to do as it is to identify your skills, talents and natural bent.

Years ago, feeling discontented in my job, someone asked me, “If money were no object, would you continue doing what you’re doing?” That great question instigated a quest that led me to the work I do today. What would you really like to do if money were not an obstacle?

In Colossians 3:23 we are told, “Whatever you do, do you work as for the Lord rather than for men.” If you’re doing what you love, what God designed you to do, that admonition will be a snap.

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