Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose...

It seems the world is a-twitter (literally and figuratively) about Kate Middleton having a baby this July. Ah, we can almost hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet in Buckingham Palace now. And Kim Kardashian, the famous-for-being-famous reality show celebrity, has proudly displayed her “baby bump” for the child she and rapper Kanye West are expecting, also in July.

What if someone were to approach lovely Kate, or controversial Kim, and declare, “That’s not a baby you’re carrying. It’s only a fetus!”?

We’d be appalled, maybe even incensed. How dare someone say such an insensitive, uncaring thing? But every day, that’s what thousands of women in fact are saying. Mrs. Prince William and Ms. Kardashian are still early in their second trimesters, a time when many pregnant women choose to abort their “fetuses.”

Recently many churches observed “Sanctity of Life Sunday.” The 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision affirming women’s rights to abortions was either celebrated or mourned, depending on which side of the pro-choice/pro-life fence one stands on. Jan. 25, many thousands participated in the annual “March for Life” in Washington, D.C. to protest abortion.

Abortion proponents talk about a woman’s “reproductive rights,” but what about the rights – or non-rights – of the unborn?

Following the elementary school shootings in Connecticut, and during his second inaugural address, President Obama asserted his commitment to the safety and protection of children. We envision bright, shining faces of young ones and agree they are priceless resources. But what about babies being aborted at all stages of pregnancy that never will see the light of a single day?

Thankfully, our grandson's birth mother
made the choice to let another couple adopt him.
Well, what about pregnant women not wanting babies – don’t they have rights? Yes, but they could exercise them in other ways. Celebrated football player Tim Tebow and entertainer Justin Bieber are just two prominent examples of could-have-been abortions. Instead, their mothers chose to keep them rather than exerting the sterile-sounding right to “terminate a fetus.”

Another option is surrendering a baby for adoption. Across America millions of women – and couples – desperately desire to have a child but for various reasons, cannot. One of my daughters and her husband are an example of that.

My grandson, Maclane, a two-year-old ball of energy they adopted, is a delight. His addition to our family has been life-changing for us all. What if his birth mother, instead of making him available for adoption, had exercised her legal “choice” to abort him?

We can understand the inconvenience for a woman having to dedicate nine months to the gestation of a baby she doesn’t want. But as we express heartfelt concern for the welfare of children that succeeded in making the passage from the womb to the world, how can we not have like compassion for “fetuses” not yet ready for life outside the womb?

Psalm 139:14 states we are fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Pregnancies are not accidents. They are part of God’s grand plan – if not for the birth mothers, then for others that will have the opportunity to experience the joy of parenting babies into toddlerhood, adolescence and beyond.

Somehow I think the line from the poem, “Sacred Emily,” written by Gertrude Stein, applies here: “Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.”

Similarly, baby is a baby is a baby is a baby. To assert otherwise is simply to deny an inconvenient truth.

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