Monday, January 7, 2013

Living an Exciting Life

Recently one of our daughters informed my wife and me that we’re “boring”; we don’t do anything “exciting.” Ah, to be young again.

Well, she’s right if she meant we don’t go hang-gliding, skydiving, mountain climbing or bungee jumping (unless you’re referring to the “fiscal cliff”). We do watch the July 4th fireworks displays every year, sometimes more than once. Doesn’t that count?

Roller coasters don’t excite me as much as they once did – although I still ride them. When we went to Disney World last year, I rode the Tower of Terror – and wasn’t terrified. But to me, that wasn’t “exciting.”

What’s exciting, I believe, depends on your perspective. As you get older, the meaning of “exciting” seems to change. Sally and I have dealt with serious health issues, so awakening to start a new day is exciting. Each day is a gift, filled with surprises and unlimited potential. And having been married to the same person for more than 38 years and still loving each other – when strains on marriage seem stronger all the time, and the institution is sometimes ridiculed – that’s exciting.

Observing our children mature and marry, having children of their own and carving out their own niches in life, is exciting. The fact they share our foundational beliefs and values is exciting. And having grandkids around, seeing them develop and learn, discovering and doing new things all the time, that’s exciting.

My career has enabled us to travel around the country and stay in very nice places. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to Europe twice, as well as Central and South America and the Caribbean, and that’s been great fun. But most exciting of all have been the relationships I’ve been able to form, some of which I maintain to this day.

For me, exciting is creating an article, authoring or collaborating with someone on a book, even posting on this blog – writing about things important to me and hearing what I’ve written was meaningful for someone else. Many people hate their work, so not only enjoying what you do but also knowing without a doubt you’re fulfilling your calling, that’s exciting.

And it’s exciting to invest time with other men in mentoring relationships, helping them to grow personally and professionally. Especially in their faith, understanding what it means in today’s increasingly secularized society to be a follower of Jesus Christ, believing and applying the Bible's eternal truths in everyday life.

As it says in 3 John 4, relating to both biological offspring and spiritual children, “I have no greater joy than to hear my children are walking in the truth.”

It’s all part of building a legacy that’s worth leaving behind.

Most of all, to me “exciting” means having a daily, growing relationship with the God of all creation. Psalm 37:4 says, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” He’s done that for me – and much more.

I’m still not planning to go cliff diving any time soon (the U.S. Congress notwithstanding), but I’m convinced of this: “Exciting” is in the eyes of the beholder.


Hiền Nguyễn said...

My name's Hien Nguyen (Ms.)
I've found your blog so great. I would like to ask for your permission to quote all your essays so that I can translate them and post them on my facebook. Thank you a lot!
Best regards,

Bob Tamasy said...

Thank you for your kind comments about my blog, Ms. Nguyen. I would be pleased for you to reprint portions of my blog posts, providing you give proper credit as to authorship. If you do use some of my material, I hope that your readers will find some worthwhile reading.

Hiền Nguyễn said...

Hello Mr. Bob,
I've just completed my translation from your original version into Vietnamese for this post "Living an Exciting Life". And I agree with you as you wrote 'Exciting is in the eyes of the beholder'. Especially, it's true in this modern society when everything seems moving so fast; when modern technology gets things out-of-fashioned so quickly and the youth get bored so easily as well. Since I've got my daughter in my life 10 months now, she has changed my life totally. I've never received such an invaluable gift until she comes. In my thinking, having her excites me the most.
Thanks and Love to read more from your blog!
Hiền Nguyễn